General – STS Group Limited, reserves the right to cancel training in the event that the personnel, site or equipment do not meet the necessary health and safety legislation. In the event of a cancellation of this nature, the customer will be liable for payment of the full course fee. Course bookings will only be accepted and confirmed on receipt of a completed STS Group Limited Training Booking Form. The customer is responsible for ensuring that all trainees are both mentally and physically fit to undergo training. Trainees must be capable of recognising potential hazards and understand the limitations of both personnel and equipment. All plant and equipment provided by the customer for training must be in good working order and be accompanied by the manufacturer’s certificate, and manufacturer’s instruction manual. Copies of Certificates of previous Training or Examination are required where applicable. Customers must provide Trainees with the relevant PPE for the course and are trained in the safe use. All locations/facilities arranged by the customer must meet the necessary requirements. i.e. suitable training room with power, no interruptions, suitable practical test area in a safe environment. Outdoor training can only take place, weather permitting.

All trainees will be required to achieve the minimum standards as set out in the course contents. Failure to achieve the standards required on either Theory or Practical Assessment will result in the trainee being unable to complete the course successfully. The instructor’s verdict is final; However, an appeal can be made in writing within 5 days of the course following STS Group Ltd Appeals Procedure. In this event, the customer will be charged the full course fees.

Payments – New customers will be requested to pay training via debit/credit card method unless otherwise agreed. Payments are required upon booking unless otherwise agreed. Customers who are allocated an account can provide a PO upon booking. Customers with Accounts will be invoiced on date of booking their training and payment will be due within 7 days of the training date or 30 days of the training date upon agreement. Customers paying by cheque must have funds cleared a minimum of 5 days in advance of training taking place. No certificates or Licenses will be issued until course fees are paid in full. In the event of an invoice being unpaid Customer details will be shared with a third party for recovery of any monies owed within 30 days.

Cancellation – The following costs will be charges for any course cancelled prior to the course date:

  • No fee will be charged if a minimum of 14 days’ notice is given
  • 50% of training cost will be charged if 7-13 days’ notice is given
  • 100% of training cost will be charged if less than 7 days’ notice is given
  • 100% of all travel and accommodation fees incurred that cannot be recovered will be applied.
  • 100% of the training cost will be charged if non – attendance on the day

Delegate Behaviour – STS Group Limited reserves the right to exclude trainees, without a refund of fees, at any time if they cause significant disruptions or delays/late arrivals, or if their qualifications and current experience impact the ability for STS Group Limited to deliver the course as determined by the course standards.