What is NPORS?

NPORS stands for National Plant Operators Registration Scheme and it has been operating since 1992. NPORS is one of the UK’s leading accreditation and registration bodies, and covers numerous sectors. With a focus on more than just plant machinery, NPORS can offer accreditation across sectors from construction and industrial to agricultural, ports and marine.

There are two options for NPORS cards. NPORS CSCS Plant Operator and Traditional NPORS Card. Many construction sites in the UK require the CSCS logo on any operator card, but other industries may not. If the CSCS logo is not required, the Traditional NPORS Card can still be applied for.

NPORS Trained Operator Card

This card shows you have been tested to meet NPORS standards but competency and experience is still to be proven

NPORS Competent Operator Card

This card shows your competency as a plant operator. This is achieved by completing a Level 2 NVQ in Plant Operations.

NPORS Traditional Card

This card does not show the CSCS logo, which is required by many construction sites but it is easier to renew as a re-test is not required.

Is NPORS the same as CPCS?

The two schemes are very similar, both require a theory and practical test on the machinery, however NPORS Training can be carried out at your place of work instead of a training centre and operators have a choice of cards.
NPORS is recognised as an alternative to CPCS but many construction sites still require CSCS logos on the cards of operators working on the site. It is best to check whether the NPORS CSCS Cards will be accepted on any sites you are working on before you apply for one.

Once you pass both the theory and practical tests for the NPORS CSCS Card, you receive the “Trained Operator” card which is valid for two years and can be upgraded to the “Competent Operator” card by completing an NVQ Level 2 in Plant Operations, just like the CPCS Red and Blue Cards.