Small Tools


The aim of the Small Plant and Tools course is to increase candidates knowledge and understanding of how to operate equipment correctly and how to identify possible risks that may arise when using the equipment.

The aim of the course is to:

  • Provide better knowledge and understanding of how to use the equipment and an opportunity to work in a risk free environment

Course Objectives

On completion of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Undertake inspection and pre-start checks
  • Perform starting and stopping procedures
  • Demonstrate the safe use of the tool
  • Change abrasive wheels for a disc cutter
  • State how to deal with defective equipment
  • State the safety requirements for the refuelling of a small plant

Who is it for?

  • Delegates who are required to operate various items of Small Plant and Tools as part of their duties.

Course Duration:  ½ day to 1 day Depending on numbers

Certification:  STS Group In-house Certificate

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