PUWER Awareness

Target Group:

The purpose of this course is to familiarise delegates with the requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations​.

​Prerequisites: N/A


The duration of this course is one day. The course is a combination of both theory and practical content. At the completion of this training course the delegates will have a good knowledge of the PUWER regulations and their and managements requirements​.


  • Examples of how PUWER applies
  • Suitability of work equipment
  • Frequency and maintenance requirements of work equipment
  • Information and instruction requirements for the use of work equipment
  • Training and competence requirements for the use of work equipment
  • Dangerous parts of machinery and common accidents and statistics
  • Isolations and machinery controls
  • Marking of machinery requirements

Course Duration: 1 day

Certification: STS Group Certificate

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