Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Boom (Cherry Picker)


The aim of the MEWP Cherry Picker course is to increase candidates knowledge and understanding of how to operate Mobile Elevated Working Platforms. The course also aims to educate candidates on the importance of knowing the machines limitations and ability to identify dangers which may be associated with using the machine without appropriate knowledge and training.

The aim of the course is to:

Provide the candidate with the basic knowledge and practical skills involved in operating Mobile Elevated Working Platforms

The objectives of the course are to enable delegates to:

  • Site and operate machine safely in relation to task
  • Demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities under current relevant legislation
  • Operate machine safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturers manual and instructions and accepted good practice
  • Demonstrate an understanding for the need of Personal Protective Equipment

Course summary:

  • Relevant regulations/legislation
  • Operator’s Code of Safe Practice
  • Introduction to machine
  • Controls and instruments
  • Limitations of use
  • Components of machine
  • Main platform types
  • Pre-start inspection/maintenance
  • Trapping dangers
  • Servicing and inspection
  • Emergency controls
  • Moving and locating machine
  • Tilt alarms
  • Weather conditions
  • PPE recommendations
  • Ground inspection
  • Overhead obstructions
  • Spatial awareness

Course duration – Depending on Accreditation and Experience

Certification: IPAF Card, NPORS Card, STS Group In-house Certification

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