Harness Inspection for Instructors

The aim of the course is to:

  • Give the delegate an insight into the design, testing and manufacturing processes, as well as practical activities involving inspection and testing of damaged equipment.
  • Understand the three different work at height systems
  • Understand & Calculate Fall Factors
  • Know how Working at Height systems work and their limitations
  • Instruct users in harness and lanyard practices
  • Carryout detailed inspections on equipment

The objectives of the course are to enable delegates to:

Give instruction in all relevant legislation, guidance, standards and best practice to be able to design a scheme of examination, produce an examination inspection report and inspect all common work at height equipment including:

  • Full body safety harness
  • Fall arrest lanyards
  • Work position lanyards
  • Work restraint lanyards
  • Connectors
  • Ropes
  • Anchor slings

Course summary:

  • Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Applications) Regulations 2007
  • Overview of duties of employer, supervisor, employee
  • Specific regulations pertaining to when fall protection is required
  • Review of falling hazards specific to each situations
  • Overview of the different equipment for each systems of work
  • The physics of fall arrest & fall restraint
  • Rescue arrangements & suspension trauma
  • Capacity of fall arrest equipment
  • Environmental concerns
  • Types of anchor points and ratings
  • Donning & fitting a harness
  • Manufacture instructions
  • Inspection of PFA equipment and identification of defects
  • Proper storage of harnesses

Course duration – ½  day – depending on experience

Certification – STS Group Certificate of Completion

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