Hand Arm Vibration / Noise at work

All industry sectors that cause high exposures to noise and/or vibration but in particular:

  • Construction
  • Furniture manufacture
  • Foundries
  • Heavy fabrication
  • Machinery & equipment manufacture
  • Motor Vehicles & trailers
  • Rubber and plastics
  • Shipbuilding

Main project areas:-

Supply project

Work with supplier stakeholders, eg machinery and equipment manufacturers, to help and influence them in developing noise and HAV control technology in their products and in providing sufficient information to enable employers to carry out their risk assessments.

This project aims to help and influence manufacturers of machines and equipment to:

  • Develop and incorporate noise and hand arm vibration (HAV) control technology in their products
  • Supply employers with information on noise and HAV risks in use sufficient for them to carry out a reasonable risk assessment.

This will reduce noise and HAV exposure at work and help prevent cases of ill-health.

The objectives are to:

  • Write to key manufacturers and suppliers of powered hand-tools in target sectors to raise awareness of their duties under the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992 as amended and employers’ duties under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005
  • Inspect a range of suppliers of powered hand-tools to ascertain the extent to which they supply information to enable the machine to be used safely or take steps to minimise HAV at source in the design of their products
  • Inspect a range of suppliers of presses or metal cutting saws (noise)
  • Report on the level of compliance with supply legislation in the manufacturers and suppliers visited
  • Prepare some case studies from exemplar manufacturers and suppliers and publicise these on HSE’s website
  • Have a meeting between key manufacturer and employer associations in target sectors to encourage partnership working.

The main objectives are to:

  • Identify, develop and promote a number of reasonably practicable controls for noise and hand-arm vibration exposure by fostering cooperation with key stakeholders in the target sectors and through inspector interventions with duty holders in target sectors
  • Hold a number of communication events which will increase the awareness and use of reasonably practicable controls in industry sectors where noise and hand-arm exposure is known to present a significant risk to health
  • Improve in target industries both the standard provision and the implementation of occupational health surveillance for noise and hand-arm vibration exposure in accordance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations.

Certification – STS Group In-house Certification

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